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Club parking is accessed from North Charles Street on right-hand side after Read Street and before Eager Street. The entrance to the Club is located inside the parking lot, toward the left. Please follow signs to the Clubhouse entrance. Please remember that use of the Club's parking lot is intended to coincide with usage of the Club.

Overflow Parking Instructions

926 North Charles Street / 906 Cathedral Street

Step 1: At the pay kiosk (yellow star), press any button to wake the screen.
Step 2: Enter the license plate of the vehicle
Step 3: Select all-day parking, or evening, depending on the time.
Step 4: For weekday use prior to 5:00 pm enter the validation code “1200”. For
evening use after 5:00 pm and on the weekends enter the validation code “1700”
This will extend a validation that will cover the entire cost of parking.
Step 5: A receipt will print out. It is not necessary to place it on the dashboard but it
is helpful.
Note: There will not be an attendant in this lot, so please do not double park.